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Protruding ears are generally caused by either the distortion of the ear’s cartilage or by a large development of individual pieces of cartilage. With an operation the ear is reformed and the ear repositioned. The operation can be carried out on patients over 5 years as after this point no significant growth occurs. The is carried out with an incision behind the ear, allowing the reforming or reducing in size of the ear.

Operation Aims

In contrast to the majority of other operations in the field of cosmetic surgery, prominent ears are usually corrected at a school or pre school age. This is in order to save the youngsters any unnecessary emotional stress and any psychological consequences. Essentially the aim of the operation is to remove tension within the ear cartilage, caused by the protruding.

Although today ear correction is a routine operation, it requires experience and skill for success. There are essentially two s for correcting the most common wrong positioning of prominent ears:
If the inner ear conch is too large then cartilage mass is removed with a scalpel via an incision from behind the ear that is later non visible. In this way it is possible by molding to remove cartilage tension and to bring the ear cartilage into the desired form. If the ear conch folds are not adequately developed then the available cartilage in the front ear relief is carefully removed. By doing so, the ear is changed into the desired position.


Local anesthetic is standard for adults, but in the case of children usually general anesthetic.

Post operation

A bandage must be worn all day long for a week after the operation. A further 5 weeks at night and 3 weeks during the day, a forehand bandage is necessary in order to avoid an accidental folding over of the ears during sleep.

Minor bleeding around the cuts and infections of the skin or of the cartilage are possible after the correction. These are treated with antibiotics. The stitches are mostly self-dissolving and so as a rule must not be taken out. Healing should be checked by your GP about 10 days after the .

Clinic residence

Out Patient

Healing period

The wound takes about a week to heal. The ear conch remains relatively sensitive for six to eight weeks after the operation. Due to the fact that the incisions lie behind the ear, scars are almost never visible after completely healing up.

Chances of success Ear conch correction, as a rule, gives good results. As with all cosmetic surgery it is not possible to guarantee success. Pre-requirements for the operation are realistic expectations as well as a good physical and psychological condition.

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